Free Real Estate Business Planning Call

Are you a hungry real estate agent looking for more?

Dear Fellow Agent:

Need direction and focus to sell more homes?

We’ll meet with you one-on-one to help you write a business plan you can implement immediately to generate leads, appointments, and sales.

We know how challenging it is to sell real estate.

You have discount brokerages, competing agents, and hundreds of ways to get clients (all are not equal, I’ll tell you).

It can get overwhelming to stick to a consistent business plan that makes you money.

My name is Shane Kilby with Brickdriven Realty and we’ve sold nearly four thousand homes to date.

I want to help you sell more homes.

We’ll learn about your needs, goals, and why you started selling real estate. We’re happy to offer my insight on what we would do in your situation to sell more homes.

We’ll also share with you what we’re doing that works to generate leads and sales.

Once I understand how you like to do business that’s authentic to you (referral, prospecting, marketing, events, etc), I’ll help you write a business plan tailored just for you.

You’ll walk away with a plan of action, with steps you can take right away, to find homeowners who want to sell their home who list with you.

This will help you get the commission consistency and the freedom we all want from our business.

Here’s what a few agents say about working with me…

“I have known Shane Kilby for over 15 years. His outstanding guidance, mentorship, and leadership have been invaluable to the growth and success of my real estate business and numerous other realtors as well. Teaming up with Shane is one of the best decisions I made for my career. Don’t miss the opportunity to team up with Shane Kilby. If you really want to be a success Shane Kilby is the Mentor you need!”
- Dan Davis

“BrickDriven Realty is an amazing company. When I became licensed I was a little worried because I had never sold anything in my life. I had no prior experience with sales or real estate other than the homes I had purchased. BrickDriven has all the tools you need to be successful. They offer hands-on training as well as videos and everything in between. The best part about working with BrickDriven are the relationships you develop. You become family, not just another agent. If you are looking for a company to join, this is the one!! You will be successful!!”
- Misty Waide

“I am beyond excited at the growth I have seen in my real estate career in less than 2 years in the business. I am so appreciative of everything that Shane Kilby has done to help me realize my potential and to push me to dream bigger than I had even thought to dream. Shane isn't just my broker, he is someone who puts time into inspiring me and giving me the best tools and technology to level up my success. Working with Shane, I know I have someone that always has my back.”
- Stacey Ridgeway-Davis

“I am Josh Rumble with The Josh Rumble Team Powered by BrickDriven Realty. I started my Real Estate career as a builder. We developed and built for years all across the Shoals. In 2008 I decided that I would obtain my Real Estate license. At that time I had the idea that nobody could sell my product better than I could. I began to understand that Real Estate was not what I thought it was. I started with BrickDriven in 2012 and wanted to build a career in Real Estate Sales. I quickly learned that the best salesperson in the world can not sell without clients”.
- Josh Rumble

You don’t need to pay a bunch of money to a real estate coach.

Why am I offering this?

We’ll help you for free in return that maybe, over the long term – and only if it makes sense - you’d like to learn more about working at our brokerage.

Let me be clear that it is not the intent of the meeting. That’s another conversation for another time and only if you have any interest.

We also figure we’ll do business together someday and we would like to get to know you. We enjoy seeing real estate agents succeed. It’s fulfilling, and we love it.

We invite you to request a free one-on-one business strategy meeting with us. We can meet for coffee, or even if it’s more convenient, a phone call or a video conference works, too.

I have a questionnaire I would like you fill out so that when we meet so I’m prepared to offer you specific advice. When you request a call, I’ll email it to you to complete before the meeting.

Look forward to meeting with you. Let’s grow your business.


Shane Kilby